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What Does it Mean to Be a Mentor?

At Momentum, we believe that being a mentor means to be a trusted advisor to our students and to support others when they need it. We show our support through motivational and emotional support, being a role model, and setting goals. No matter the age, it is always important to surround yourself with people who are good role models who can motivate you towards your goal.

Michelle May, a tutor and manager at Momentum for the past 9 years, is a great representation of a mentor to her students and to other tutors here at Momentum. Michelle has worked with Chris since he was in Elementary school all the way up through High School. Through the many years of tutoring together, they have developed a bond and a mentorship where she has helped his academics and motivated him to explore leadership opportunities at Momentum and in his life. Michelle is a huge mentor to her students and is a great role model to others around her. She is a great representation of the mentorship we develop between tutors and students at Momentum.

At Momentum, we consider ourselves to be more than tutors. We work to be mentors to all of the kids that we tutor to ensure that they have the confidence and support to reach their goals.

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