Meet Our Team

Momentum tutors have it all: intelligence, enthusiasm, and dedication. In order to have, "Just What You Need", Momentum networks with talented people.  All of Momentum's employees are motivated college students and outstanding high school students who utilize Momentum Tutoring to help their students reach their full potential.


All members of the Momentum Management team serve as one-on-one private tutors and work together to mentor the diverse tutoring teams that form each school year. To facilitate operations of this nonprofit that serves over 150 students each school year, each manager takes on special duties.

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Terri Bozhor

Certified Teacher

CEO and Founder of Momentum Tutoring 

Member of the International Dyslexia Association

Terri is involved in every aspect of Momentum's operations. She handles all new registrations and places each student with a tutor that meets their individual needs. She works with the Santee School District and PTA to provide On Campus Tutoring and Outreach Programs. Terri also coordinates with businesses such as Ripley Entertainment to provide sponsored summer camp opportunities.  


Terri graduated with honors from the University of San Diego in 1995. She has a degree in diversified liberal arts with a specialization in special education. Terri taught as a fourth grade teacher in the Santee School District for six years at Rio Seco School.  When she had her first son in 2002, she decided to take a year off of teaching.  During that time she began tutoring at the Santee Public Library and realized the tremendous need parents had for convenient, affordable, and effective after school support. She then coordinated with the PTSA at Rio Seco school to start an On Campus Tutoring program.  The program was such a success that it grew to four schools within a year. Now Momentum has a headquarters in the center of town where they serve students of all ages, from all schools, year round and maintain their On Campus Centers at Carlton Oaks School and Cajon Park School in Santee during the school year.


Terri and her husband, Vadim, now have two boys and enjoy an active lifestyle with their five dogs, who are always included.


"Momentum is my dream come true. I love that it is all about offering the community just what it needs. I love that family, tutors, students, and parents are the ones driving the direction.  I love seeing how far it has come and watching where it is going.  Momentum Tutoring is our proof that anything you put your mind to is possible."

Jessica Pettigrew

Director of Operations

Jessica is Momentum's Director of Operations. She works with managers and staff to make sure everything is running smoothly. She also does assessments with students. Jessica tutors elementary students in both reading and math. She graduated from San Diego Christian College and has a multiple-subject teaching credential in the state of California. 


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Michelle May

Human Resource Manager

Michelle is Momentum's Human Resource Manager and Center Librarian.  She trains the staff in the core-curriculum standards and manages Momentum's Mentor program.  She has deemed herself the "Little Kid Reading Expert" as she has tremendous knowledge on teaching reading. Michelle graduated from San Diego State University and has a multi-subject teaching credential in the state of California. In addition to working with the students and staff at Momentum, Michelle is a moderate to severe special education teacher at Carlton Oaks.

"I'm determined to do whatever I can to help children succeed."



Ivy Martin

Assistant Human Resource Manager

Ivy works with Michelle to organize hiring and training programs and materials. On top of that, Ivy specializes in working with K-2 readers. She also works on behavior management with these students to keep them focused and moving forward. Ivy values the times when her students learn to express themselves in positive, healthy ways. She is pursuing a degree in English and currently writing her first book!

"That moment when my student comes in to tell me all about the test they aced is the moment I know I've done my job."

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Brittany Worcester
Business Manager
Marketing Director
Brittany oversees the different departments of Momentum and makes sure everything is running smoothly, and she also handles all of the marketing. Brittany graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor's degree in both marketing and Spanish.  She plans to attend graduate school next year to obtain her MBA.
"Helping my students achieve their goals makes coming to work worth it every day."

Sierra de la Torre

Administrative Manager

Sierra works at headquarters to oversee that students and tutors are able to work productively toward mutual success. She has worked there for four years and tutors students as young as 2nd grade and as old as 11th grade. She tutors almost all subjects, but her favorite subject to tutor is math from beginning addition up to Geometry. Sierra is currently a 4th year student at San Diego State University and is double majoring in Women's Studies and Psychology. She is part of the class of Spring 2020. Her career goals are to provide support services to children and families through the role of a mental health professional. 

Jennifer Cole

Marketing Manager

Jen works at headquarters on Cuyamaca as a manager. Her goals as a tutor include helping her students reach their goals while giving them a positive outlook on school. She is a sophomore this year at SDSU.

Certification and Training

Momentum contracts both certified teachers and students as tutors. All of our certified teachers have credentials in the state of California. Our student tutors participate in a training program and must be exceptional students at their current university, community college, or high school. Momentum offers seminars for Associate development. Topics include but are not limited to; building positive self-esteem, redirecting children's behavior, teaching goal setting and effective study techniques.