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About momentum

“I hate homework!” and “I can’t do it!”, are phrases no parent ever wants to hear.  Especially when they are accompanied by, “Your child is behind the rest of the class.”  Yet hundreds of parents hear these words each day. Many feel overwhelmed and out of options. The three main problems parents have with homework are that they… 


Don’t have time to help.

Don’t know how to help.

Can’t afford to hire help.                                                                                  

Prior to being a parent, I was oblivious to the stress school and homework inflicts on the average household.  Upon becoming a parent and tutoring one-on-one for a year, it became glaringly obvious that there was a severe need in the community for a mentoring system.  


I began networking with the Santee School District, young adults, and the PTA to establish an “On Campus” program that enabled students to get one-on-one tutoring and homework help.  I decided to open Momentum Tutoring (Momentum) as a nonprofit business in 2007 because our students were saying, “I like homework!”, and parents were hearing, “Your child is making good progress”.  I knew we were making a difference in the community by offering an option for basic reading, writing, math, and science assistance and I wanted to do more. I had found my niche in life.


Momentum’s mission is to provide affordable, convenient, and effective academic mentoring.  We achieve affordability by charging low rates and offering scholarships.  We celebrate convenience with a central location, On Campus tutoring, and custom curriculum plans.  We prove to be effective through our ability to boost self-esteem, reduce stress, enhance student performance, and stay actively connected with the community. 


Momentum maintains a central headquarters in Santee, California that serves over 150 elementary, high school, and college students year round. We also partner with the Carlton Oaks PTA to run an “On Campus” tutoring center. We have been at Carlton Oaks School for eight years and plan to continue our partnership there in the future.


Theresa Bozhor, CEO Momentum Tutoring

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