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Online Tutoring


A qualified tutor works one-on-one online with a student to improve academic skills, boost student self-esteem, and enhance the quality of school assignments. Features personalized attention. You choose the subjects, days, times, and number of hours you would like each week. 



1-on-1 Certified Teacher
60 mins
40 mins
30 mins
1-on-1 Private Aide
Shared Sessions Add-On Fee
Homework Clinic

Timing is Flexible!

What is Homework Clinic?

Homework clinic is designed for middle and high school (6th-12th) students who can independently work on homework given from their teachers while being supervised by a trained tutor who will be there to answer and explain any questions they may have and provide support for completion of work and providing accountability. 


Groups will open with a minimum of two enrolled students and a max of 3 students per tutor, new groups will be open with a minimum of two students (as needed). Groups are not separated by grade or grade level. 


While waiting for minimum amounts of students, your student will be placed on a wait list until the minimum number of students is reached. Once it is reached, parents will receive a notification to confirm enrollment. 


What are Shared Sessions?

Shared sessions are tutor led sessions that incorporate family goals beyond homework. Each student should be within two grade levels of one another. These groups are created at the request of the families (could be siblings, friends, classmates, other relatives). Groups are created with a minimum of two students and a max of three students per tutor. There is no wait list for shared sessions. Families will pay the base rate of the session plus the appropriate add-on fee per additional student.

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