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Momentum tutoring Registration

The button above links you to our official registration form. Parents, we ask you to check your email for communication from us regarding scheduling, billing, and start dates. A parent or guardian must be present at the start of the first session to sign the parent agreement.

Contact Us For a Free Consultation! 

Please do not use for purposes other than scheduling a consultation. Email us directly with cancellations or questions. This is not an official registration form!

Why Register?



Enrolling your student in Momentum will boost their confidence, increase their academic ability, and provide them (and you) with peace of mind. For many students, we are a long term support system; our services evolve each year to meet their changing needs. For others, we are an immediate fix to a short term dilemma, or a source for arts and entertainment. Whatever your needs are, Momentum is here to help. 



Why a Monthly Contract?

Momentum likes to schedule set days and times to ensure students work with one primary tutor. This way relationships can be formed, needs are fully understood, and the tutor and student are more productive. Since space is limited, monthly contracts ensure a student's spot in the center.


To make it easy, Momentum will automatically re-enroll your student each month unless given two weeks notice to change or cancel the sessions.


​We accept monthly tuition payments in the form of cash, check, and credit card.



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