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How to Make the Best of Summer for your Young Student

Instead of wasting the summer indoors with their eyes glued to screens, why not offer them some light learning in the mornings? Or art in the afternoons? Or new friendships to be made? How about weekly field trips to the YMCA and daily trips to nearby parks? What about all of these opportunities in one place? That's right.

Momentum Tutoring in Santee offers this every summer for ages 5-17. With a schedule adaptable for half days, Momentum utilizes summertime to provide the perfect balance of learning and play. With creative curriculum geared for each individual student, we focus primarily on the specific needs of the students.

A couple star students from Summer 2017 are Grace and Nolan. Beginning their 8th grade year on Monday, these wonderfully eager students spent over 300 combined hours with us during Time to Travel Summer 2017.

Nolan, a private client, expanded his vocabulary and reading comprehension skills by annotating scientific news articles and writing brilliant summaries of them. We took time to ensure that every project, paper, and paragraph was work in which he could take pride.

Grace attended summer camp in addition to private tutoring in the morning. She has shown us all around improvement in her math and reading! We also took time to explore some personal topics such as growth mindset, friendship check ins, stress triggers, goal setting, and more.

Here at Momentum, we view summer as a golden opportunity for academic and personal growth for our students, tutors, and administration. The benefits of continuing to learn and review material during these months are endless. It is crucial to maintain all of the valuable study habits that kids gain through the year, minus the stress of tests and quizzes. You've heard the statistics about how much information students can lose during the summer months. Here is your solution- tried and true.

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