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What is Words Their Way?

Words Their Way is a program taught from kindergarten through high school, combining spelling, phonological awareness, and practice with phonics-based instructions. It serves as an excellent tool to foster the development of reading, comprehension, and writing skills. So, how can you incorporate Words Their Way into your kids' learning?

Let's break it down:

Firstly, you can engage in Word Sort activities, such as sound sort, pattern sort, and meaning sort. Word Sorting empowers students to construct their own knowledge by independently discovering the similarities and differences among words.

Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Introduce Words:

Ensure that the student can read all the words, understand each word's meaning, and discuss any new vocabulary.

  1. Display Headers:

Use key words or pictures at the top of each group.

  1. Student Sorts:

Encourage students to read the headers, repeat the sounds they make, and sort the words on their own. Minimize assistance to promote independent thinking.

  1. Check and Reflect:

Have the child read each column or pile of words to ensure they belong in the correct category. Discuss words that don't fit and move them to the appropriate category.

  1. Reflect/Model:

Teachers should reflect on how the words were sorted and discuss any outliers or "oddballs."

Next, you can incorporate Writing Sort into the learning process. Here's a guide for that:

  1. Establish Format:

Divide the paper into columns and write a header for each one, corresponding to the sort being studied. Provide an example word or picture for each header.

  1. Dictate, Discuss, and Write Words:

Call out words from the sort, discuss where they should be written, and why. This process reinforces understanding and application.

  1. Check and Reflect:

Emphasize the importance of correct categorization and hitting the target spelling pattern, even if the whole word is not spelled correctly.

Explore our blogs for further insights into Words Their Way and discover additional resources that can significantly benefit your child's education. Words Their Way is not just a program; it's a powerful tool that enhances spelling, phonological awareness, and phonics-based learning, ultimately contributing to improved reading, comprehension, and writing skills.

To provide personalized support tailored to your child's needs, consider reaching out to Momentum Tutoring. Our experienced tutors excel in implementing Words Their Way, ensuring targeted assistance for enhanced language development and academic success. Benefit from our expertise to create a strong educational foundation for your child.


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