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6 Resources to Get Organized in Your Own Way

Many of the tools to help students get organized are right at our fingertips thanks to the Internet, so we rounded up a few of our favorites. All images are linked to the respected resources! Woohoo!

1. Pinterest (Of course)

Pinterest is a social media site that gives you access to millions of links according to keywords. Users link pages to images that you can then click on to view the page, similar to a public bookmarking system. It has every studying/organizing life hack you could ever need and more.

2. Erin Condren: Planners, Notebooks, Journals, & Stationary

Get ready to see the most beautiful academic planners, stationery, and journals you've ever seen. Colorful enough to engage students and encourage use, yet simple enough to keep them on track. Many of these designs can be customized to include the student's name and information in case it is lost. But with such a gorgeous cover, it's doubtful they'll ever let go of it.

3. Bullet Journal

Like a planner, but it's all up to you. Starting with a blank journal, you can add pages for whatever you want. Stationery freaks (like me!) will fall in love with this free-form method. Pages for mood trackers, homework schedules, to do lists, favorite films, class schedules, and anything you can think of however you'd like to keep it.

4. AVID Programs

A course designed for "college readiness and success", AVID is offered at many schools for junior high and high school age kids. Exploring topics from public speaking to binder organization, this class implores students to be responsible and reliable citizens at school, home, and in the community.

5. Academic Blogs

As a reminder, parents should always check out a blog before handing it over to their child to explore. With different guides to note taking, tips for success, and backpack checklists, student blogs can provide proven methods to academic improvement.

6. Momentum Tutoring

Okay, so maybe you saw this one coming, but we are an organizational resource, too! We have lots of methods for keeping kids organized and successful. From point systems to binder checks, we've got it down when students bring us backpacks that seem to have experienced several tornadoes. With options for homework clinic in small groups or private one-on-one sessions with an experienced tutor, Momentum can give your child the confidence they need to excel in school and at home.

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