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A Look to the Future of Momentum

Momentum tries every day to grow and reach new levels. We've reflected on this wonderful past year to see how we might expand in the coming new year.

One thing that we LOVE at Momentum is a good, family-friendly party. Events like BOOmentum and SNOWmentum will definitely be happening in 2018. We hope to host a Mystery Party (WHOmentum), a Valentine's Party (LOVEmentum), and maybe even a Music and Rhythm Party (FLOWmentum)! Stay updated on our social media, and of course here on the blog, for more information regarding those parties. As always, students, parents, and siblings are welcome to join us!

If there's something new we tried this year, it was expanding our knowledge of health and wellness. We wanted to learn about how spirituality can positively affect our students' stress levels, focus, and wellbeing. We acquired tuning forks, essential oils, and a few wonderful community resources to teach us yoga and reiki energy healing. Our Wellness page made its debut just recently to connect our resources to our Momentum families. Hopefully, we will host Saturday morning events for yoga and essential oil healing! It's not for everyone, but we like to try new things and we hope you'll join us. Again, parents, siblings, and students are welcome at the aforementioned events.

A big success of 2017 was being more accessible than ever by installing our second On-Campus Center at Cajon Park. This also gave us a chance to internally reorganize and give a few well-deserved promotions to our Momentum motivators.

Speaking of Momentum Motivators, we began our version of employee of the month: Momentum Motivator of the Month! We have an "M&M" themed prize, too! The M&M gets their picture posted in the center as well as a certificate from Terri!

We hope you'll help us grow even more in 2018.

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