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Why Tutoring Is The Perfect First Job

First jobs come in many a form. Burger flipping, coffee making, and tutoring are among them. Here's why tutoring is the perfect first job.

Primarily, tutoring comes with passion. You can feel in every session that you are making a difference in a child's life. You can't have this job without having some kind of love for learning whether it is for math, language arts, or just teaching in general. You can feel that you're jumpstarting a student's success before they even know it.

Tutoring also provides room for meaningful connection between students and mentors. The mentorship that tutoring involves makes confidence blossom in our students. I can personally say that I feel like a big sister to all of my students, big and small. At the end of the day, you're providing much more than academic help.

Being a tutor also practices articulation and public speaking skills. These are valuable to have in any field, and it's better to develop them sooner rather than later.

Tutoring also helps high school age students practice punctuation, again necessary in any job. Being on time is very important when clients are paying by the session.

Test prep. Tutoring in math and reading is the best way to hone your skills in these areas. The SAT and ACT have a funny way of sneaking in early algebra concepts to trick students into overthinking the problems.

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