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7 Education Trends for 2018

It's no surprise that technology in classrooms is growing more and more popular, but there are other trends coming that are, interestingly enough, disconnected from the technological world.

1. 1:1 Technology

iPads, laptops, and tablets are coming home with students more and more often! With a giant array of educational tools online, we don't see the 1:1 system slowing down for 2018. To specify, 1:1 technology refers to the system where each student is assigned their own device to use in class and take home for homework for the school year.

One of those online tools is Goggle Classroom where teacher can have their own digital classroom to assign work without the fuss of printing and stapling. Students can also submit their own presentations, surveys, and comments in the stream.

3. Kahoot

An online quiz tool, is a website where teachers or students can create a multiple quiz with a unique code attached to it. With their phones, laptops, or tablets, each student can connect to the game and play in real time. They are scored by accuracy and speed so the competition gets super intense! Teachers can use it for fun review, and students can use it to spice up their presentations by quizzing their peers afterward!

Another real time quiz game, Quizlet LIVE uses already made sets of digital flashcards to test students. It can be modified for teams as well!

5. Growth Mindset

To improve the mental habits of students, more and more teachers will use growth mindset curriculum. In a nutshell, growth mindset turns "I can't" into "I will try". It uses strategies to gear students towards optimism and encourages them to ask for help rather than give up.

7. Flexible Seating

Instead of traditional desks and chairs, teachers are looking to more creative classroom set-ups using yoga balls, bean bag chairs, and rugs. I personally love it, and I wish I had classrooms like this! They're more friendly for fidgety kids.

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