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An Open Letter to The Momentum Tutors

Dear Momentum Tutor,

You, the chair you are sitting on, the room we are in, are all physical reminders that dreams do come true. 15 years ago, Momentum was only an idea … a vision of what could be. Today that single thought EXISTS… living, breathing, creating, and evolving into its true potential. Momentum’s purpose is to teach people the power of their beings. To provide a space for individuals to explore what their gifts are and how they can be utilized. A space for students to expose their weaknesses and ask for help. A space for people to become empowered with thoughts, tools, and techniques.

Your job as a Momentum Tutor is to experience, grow, and contribute to life in the center.

Experience all that Momentum has to offer.

Grow positive thoughts for your students, self, and Momentum.

Contribute the best of what you have and receive the contributions of others with gratitude.

Within the center we teach every grade and subject. What it boils down to for every single student is that you are a teacher in life. As a life coach, you have to have a solid grasp on the meaning of existence.

How often do you ask yourself …These Three BIG questions:

What is the meaning of life?

What is the right way to live life?

How can you live a truly happy life?

Please take a moment to ask yourself now.

Why are we here? Why do we do the things we do? Why are things good for some, bad for others? Why do horrible things happen? What’s right? What’s wrong? How do you stay happy? These are my views….

What is the meaning of Life? Experience. Life is about experiences.

Some experiences you choose and some you do not. It is important to be mindful of all your experiences. What experiences are you going through? What experiences do you wish you could have? How are you meeting the experiences? With love or hate, excitement or fear, understanding or ignorance, light or darkness? Each experience poses the question of how it will be met.

What is the right way to live? Do your best, then grow. Reflect on all your experiences and act in accordance to reflect your ideal.

We live in a duality where there are two sides to every story. Every experience is cloaked in opportunity to express your free will. There will be some good and some bad in every decision you make. The important thing is to do your personal best and be willing to take action to manifest the experiences that will serve the life best.

How can you live a truly happy life? Contribute the best of what you have got and receive the best of others with gratitude.

In a world full of ever changing experiences and duality it is impossible to maintain happiness. All you can ever really do is control your ATTITUDE. In ever situation, contribute your personal gifts to others without reservation. Acknowledge and be grateful for the gifts of the planet and all other living beings.

Thank you for being here today and thank you for taking the initiative to be a Momentum Tutor. Together we will make this your dream job. You will be given the opportunity to make a difference in a way much bigger than you imagine right now. You will teach the students, and they will teach you.

You are now a part of something way bigger than yourself or any of us combined. Your ability to improve your life and the lives of your community has grown exponentially. That “something” is the SYNERGY of Momentum. Welcome to the team.

Looking forward to an amazing 2017-2018 school year!


Theresa “Terri” Bozhor

Momentum Tutoring, CEO

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