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Our Favorite Online Learning Tools

Momentum is no stranger to the technological world. In fact, many of our students come into the center equipped with laptops, phones, and iPads. The engagement between student and screen is one that we've worked into an advantage. In this list, you'll find the online resources that we use in our own sessions!

1. IXL

This website for math and English describes itself as "immersive, adaptable learning". IXL has programs that modify as you use it until a sill is mastered. When problems are answered incorrectly repeatedly, more problems are added to the assignment. With thousands of topics organized by grade level, there is sure to be an assignment or two with which we can challenge our students.

For our reading comprehension students, Read Works gives access to thousands of sample reading passages. Their search tool allows you to choose which grade level, lexile, product, and text type you are looking for. It also provides short quizzes and activities in response to the given passage. We used this to create curriculum in our Time to Travel Summer 2017 day camp here at the center in Santee.

We found this site when searching for geography quizzes for our students. Since then, we have explored all of the subjects that it offers from health science to preschool learning. With tutorials for each activity, learning is fun again! These games will interest and excite your child when we use it at Momentum.

You may be surprised to learn that with all of this technology in classrooms, little time is spent on learning to type! Typing efficiently is a major skill needed for English classes in junior high and high school. This website offers a wide range of games to practice typing quickly with few errors.

Quizlet is without a doubt my favorite site in this lineup. I used it throughout high school for several subjects, and this tool has never failed me. Quizlet allows students to make and study online flashcards. They are recommended, after creating the cards, to do the Learn activity which has students type the full definition side of the card to move on. Then, Quizlet can make tests out of the set of cards! They also have two or three different practice options. One is the generic flashcard flipping, where students will guess the answer and then flip the card to check their answer. Another is write, where students must copy the definition down by typing it completely. Then, there is spell for the more basic side of the flashcard where students listen and type the spoken word. On the side of fun, Quizlet offers two games to play with cards. If they are studying a shared set of flashcards, they can compete to get the high scores on the leaderboard! Match is a Memory-like game where students drag one side of the card to its corresponding definition or word. Another is Gravity. In this game, students must type out the definition before the word-meteor reaches the bottom of the screen. Quizlet is a wonderful tool for home, school, and tutoring.

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