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Camp Kick-Off!

Hello Momentum family,

From all of us teachers and tutors, we hope you are having the best summer ever. This year's summer camp is definitely going to be our best yet! We are hosting Lights, Camera, Action Day Camp!

Our students, week by week, are creating original movies. Every morning, we kick off camp with an hour and a half of outdoor activity, before it gets too hot outside. Then, they come in and watch a short clip slideshow of some movies relevant to our theme for the week. Thanks to Jenna, today we watched some cool trailers of books that have been adapted into movies! For our first week, we are all creating one movie based on a children's book that we read together. Next, it's time to imagine. The kids construct a setting together and each one of their characters individually. (We use lots of graphic organizers in this process.) We LOVED listening to the character descriptions that our kids came up with. They put so much thought into their characters, and that really showed when they designed their own costumes and props. We rounded out our Monday by jotting down places to film our movie come Wednesday.

There is still time to register for weeks 2-6 if you've got an imaginative kiddo to add to our production team! Our themes for the next four weeks in order are Modeling the Makers (Disney-esque), Science Fiction, Documentaries, Fantasy, and Comics! You can register on our website under the "SUMMER PROGRAMS" tab, look for the big, yellow register button!

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