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& The Summer Camp 2018 Theme Is...

As Spring progresses, it's a wonderful time to get ahead. Momentum is starting extra early this year: we are hard at work organizing Summer Camp 2018. Although we will reveal limited behind the scenes information today, stay tuned in to the blog and our social media for more insider looks. Can you guess the theme yet?!

First, we'd like to announce the theme of Summer Camp 2018: Lights, Camera, Action! With a focus on kid-friendly movies and short films, we will explore characterization, literary elements like foreshadowing, photographic elements like symmetry and Rule of Thirds, and even film our own documentaries.

Like every year, we will also have art time, cooking days, points & prizes, YMCA swim days, photography time, STEM challenges, music, outdoor activities, dance breaks, DIYs, and even a Film Festival to kick off the school year and end summer with a bang!

The Momentum Team couldn't be more excited to provide parents with an affordable, meaningful, and fun option for summer. As part of that, we will be offering free before and after care for parents who need it! In addition, private tutoring through summer is available as usual. Keep your kiddo ahead with weekly sessions where academic success comes without that homework stress!

Camp will run Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm with an additional Fun Friday option. The official dates are the 6 weeks between July 9th and August 17th. Pricing will be announced at a later date, but keep an eye out for possible referral discounts or perks for enrolling in all 6 weeks!

We hope to see new faces at our camp this year, as Momentum has welcomed so many new students into our family this year! Only 24 spots are available, so be ready for the opening of enrollment!

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