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Our 6 Month Experiment

With a new year comes new challenges. As students return from break sluggish and not happy to begin tutoring, it's up to us to bring the energy back to them. At any point in the year, we have a number of students who experience problems with focus, confidence, and care.

When it comes to focus, we try our best to keep our environment distraction-free. For confidence, we use positive reinforcement always. To get students to care about their work, our passion must shine through and rub off on them. But there's one way we can solve all three of these problems, and more, disappear.

What is it? A mantra. A daily saying to promote all of the values we could hope for in a student.

"Every day, in every way, I get better and better." -Emile Clarke

We are trying to say this 14-22 times a day. Using the power of autosuggestion, a process by which we can make ourselves believe things by repeating them to ourselves, we are employing this saying every day to encourage our students.

Emile Clark, credited with the saying, claimed to have healed many patients of physical and mental ailments by repeating the sentence throughout the day.

If you come visit Momentum, you can see our posters and banners with the saying all over the center. More importantly, you'll hear it from our tutors, students, and Momentum families.

In six months, we'll let you know how grades have soared, attitudes have improved, and passions have flared.

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