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6 Tips for Busy Parents

We know that getting kids out the door to school, practice, church, or tutoring isn't always easy.

But don't be discouraged, there are ways to optimize your time AND your child's tutoring.

In this post, we'll show you how to manage tutoring within your on-the-go lifestyle.

1. Make A Routine

Having a regular routine is a great way to reduce stress. Have a checklist between you and your child that you always check before leaving the house for tutoring. (Homework, keys, phone, snack, wallet?)

2. Incentivize

Incentivizing is not bribing! Without promising material things like ice cream or a new toy, help your child understand their academic potential. Tell them how tutoring is making them smarter, more organized, and ahead of their classmates! Always associate tutoring with a positive experience for growth rather than the idea that they can't do their homework on their own. Our tutors also use high-fives, stickers, and sometimes prizes to keep tutoring a fun time for students.

3. Be on Time as Often as Possible

Every minute that your child spends with their tutor is incredibly valuable! We like to use every moment we have with our students to not only finish homework but to study, organize, prepare, check-in, and even challenge them with brain games.

4. Conversely, Don't Pick Up Early

Just like arriving on time, leaving on time is also important! Tutors prepare lessons for the entire session's time, and loose ends can't always be tied together if the student leaves early. If you do need to pick up early, let the tutor know by phone or email so that they can shorten the lesson appropriately.

5. Request Written Progress Reports

If you can't always come into the center to pick up your student, ask the tutor to provide written mini-progress reports. The communication triangle of parents, students, and tutors is integral to ensuring improvement in your child.

6. Try On-Campus or 3pm Tutoring

If your child attends Cajon Park or Carlton Oaks, we have on-campus tutoring there right after dismissal in the library! This means your student can walk from their classroom straight into tutoring, no driving necessary. More details on this can be found here. For Rio Seco students, we are located just across the Cuyamaca pedestrian bridge! At dismissal, a group of our junior highers guides younger students over the bridge directly to our center in Santee.

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