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5 Questions for Your Teen on Youth Substance Abuse Prevention

The power of Momentum lies in one thing: our passion. The collective passion of our kids, parents, and tutors is essential in building an effective space for information, inspiration, and motivation.

This past Saturday evening, a team of Momentum Motivators attended the Natural High Gala. In attendance were our founder Terri with her son Dimo, our HQ manager Michelle, tutors Angellia, Maya, Brian, Haley, and Sierra, a previous mentor Brandon, and Momentum Motivator of October 2017: Noah!

With silent auctions, appetizers, and celebrity storytellers like Corbin Bleu (a former Disney Channel star with credits including Chad from High School Musical), the reception was absolutely beautiful. Dinner and dessert amongst several speakers, performances, and informational videos about Natural High truly brought our team together.

Natural High equips educators with the means to encourage students to find their passion, or natural high, rather than live an artificial life on drugs. This conscious choice to put time and energy into a talent, sport, or hobby instead of an addiction can save students’ lives.

We are honored to have been a part of an event to support Natural High’s cause: youth substance abuse prevention.

Founder Jon Sundt brought up a great point about how parents, families, and teachers struggle to start conversations surrounding substance abuse by our teens. Creating a safe dialogue with our students, your children, is crucial to turning them away from a life of addiction.

Momentum is a place where kids can soar. They cannot do that if their wings are clipped by drug use. Take the time to talk to your teens about drug use. You can even discuss with us how your child’s tutor can appropriately and effectively guide your child toward a healthy life.

Consider asking your teen these five questions.

  1. How frequently are you exposed to illegal substances?

  2. Do you have strategies to avoid situations where your peers might influence you to make unhealthy decisions?

  3. Do you know who to contact if you feel that you are not safe in the place you’re in because of illegal or unsafe substances?

  4. Are you aware of the multitude of consequences of addiction?

  5. Will you say no to drugs?

The success of our students, tutors, and Momentum families success lies in our passion. A healthy lifestyle free from drugs and alcohol is incredibly important when it comes to youth academic and emotional improvement.

Thank you to Emily Garcia, one of our Momentum parents, for inviting our team to a beautiful night in La Jolla with Natural High.

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