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My Passion: Momentum

"I'm Theresa Michelle and we are all here today to be motivated, challenged, stretched, and transformed by Lisa Nichols. Here insight and energy is absolutely pushing us to higher levels. The positive vibe of the tribe is pushing us to discover our true selves.

This environment is precisely what I push to provide students. I am the CEO and Founder of Momentum Tutoring. My passion is to ACE student support. I make it Affordable, Convenient, and Effective for students of all ages and abilities.

Momentum is a Win, Win, Win resource center.

Kids Win. Momentum provides the help they need to reach higher levels and have increased confidence and self esteem.

Tutors Win. Momentum provides training and support that raises their own level. It also gives them the opportunity to make change in the lives of others.

The Community Wins. Momentum develops healthy means of expression to guide kids toward a mindset geared to growth and lead them away from unhealthy habits.

I strongly believe every community needs Momentum to support positive, skilled, dynamic change makers.

My passion is Momentum: Not Just Tutoring, Just What You Need."

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