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Momentum Trend Alert: Super Suits

This week, our founder Terri started an entirely new strategy for student success, and she calls it Super Suits.

It all began with a student we have, who we will refer to as J for this post. J is no ordinary guy, in fact, he may be one of our most extraordinary kids. After working on reading with J, Terri crafted her Super Suit idea. Anytime something negative came from J, Terri's invisible Super Suit took the comment in, and then bounced it right back to J. So when J shouts, "You read this time!", Terri's Super Suit turns into into, "Yes J, YOU read this time!".

But her invisible rubber suit is more than just a focus tool. She wears her Suit all the time. Terri finds that she can now help people in her life without taking on the negativity of their circumstances. In the past, she feels that others' problems weighed down on her, and she was carrying and internalizing lots of unnecessary weight. Instead, she does everything she can possibly do and then leaves it at that.

The Super Suits came along with a story and illustration that Terri shared with us all at our Santee Headquarters today. Soon enough, Super Suits were being imagined everywhere! In fact, J has his own Super Suit that spreads joy and optimism among his peers. He is now being referred to only as "Super J" and his sidekick Terri is "Super T". Other students created Super Suits that give them the magic power of concentration. Some wanted Super Suits equipped with Bad Day Transformers to make any bad day better. There were even a few Super Suits for "making [them] food to eat".

My Super Suit is specially made with extra arms and legs so that I can juggle everything on my plate with work, school, health, and family. It maximizes my productivity wile minimizing my stress.

These Suits might be imaginary, and they might get lost or torn in the ruckus of daily life, but the message beneath them is important. We are in control of our lives, and we can do so much more when we believe in ourselves just a little bit more than usual. The Suits are simply a physical representation of that faith in ourselves. It's much easier to have courage and improve yourself when you can be silly with it. Maybe it's all in our heads, but Super Suits are Momentum's hottest trend. It looks like we have lots of invisible sewing to do!

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