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How We Pair Students & Tutors For Long-Term Success

There isn't a fool-proof algorithm to predict who works best with which students, but pairing tutors and students is a process that we take very seriously. The right tutor can mean the world to a child in need.

The first thing we take into account before pairing is availability. For this reason, we usually ask for the top two time slots that will work for a new Momentum family. Using two makes it much easier to pair as our tutors have school and other clients to take time for.

Our second step is academic goals. Some of our tutors are better suited for teaching certain subjects than others. In addition, a tutor that has taught, for example, 7th grade science, is going to be a more helpful tool to the student. Providing us your goals for your student is another way to be sure that the tutor guides curriculum towards meeting such goals.

The final step is personality! Some students are quiet, and thoughtful, others are loud and creative! It's the magic of childhood that all of our kids are different and unique! Coming in before your first session is a great idea to ease a nervous student into weekly tutoring. We also offer free consultations before pairing so that we can get to know your family and prepare to join the big Momentum family!

We hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into our pairing process! Check our blog often for more posts like this one! As always, feel free to share this post on Facebook or Instagram, and be sure to tag us so we can see it!

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