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7 Days of Goals!

This week has been FULL of success at not only our main center in Santee, but also at our on-campus centers at Cajon Park and Carlton Oaks! We are so grateful for all of our dedicated Momentum families that make this all possible.

A major reason that we work so hard is because our students reciprocate that work! They show us each and every day why our job is worthwhile. This post is a special shout out just for them!

1. Isabel has been practicing multiplication with our Momentum Motivator Angellia. This week at Carlton Oaks, she reached her goal of 100% on 10 multiplication problems in under 30 seconds!


2. Grace earned a 103% on her 8th grade history test this past week. Her flashcards definitely paid off!

3. Emily also joins the 100% club with her achievements on Achieve!

4. Nolan conquered a mega list of 38 spelling words after a few weeks of working, reading, and writing with them!

5. Isaiah showed long division who's boss this past Thursday when he never gave up on learning it after only being introduced to it that same day! Impressive as ever!

6. Brooklyn is showing us her will power when she takes the challenge reads with Momentum Motivator Abby each day in Homework Clinic. We hope she keeps it up!

7. Allie worked with founder and CEO Terri to channel her energy into her big assignments this week as well. Good luck on your test, Allie!

That's all for this week! We hope you enjoyed 7 Days of Goals!

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