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Apathy: Why It Doesn't Work

If I had a chance to say one thing to the world I’d scream, “Apathy will kill you: spread love and spread it fast. The problems challenging our world are not caused by external forces, but the internal reactions of mankind. Humans-- we are resilient. We’ve overcome famine, plague, natural disasters, and more. But the vile brute pressing on our spines, weakening our moral compass and compassion is not an outsider."

"The fiend contaminating our every action grows inside. Apathy, the root of all that could be, roams the earth like cancer, infecting not our flesh but our appreciation for one another. With it, our kindness dies and withers away like a sapling snuffed out by the rancorous weed. Humans capable of tremendous good remain stagnant. Our siblings, dying and in need, stretch out broken hands aching for something more, yearning for love.

"Humans of the world: don’t delay, stay. Stay active. Stay committed. Stay because our brothers and sisters are in need. Not of weeds, but of saplings. Not of cancer, but of care. Love, yes it is love that triumphs through the despair. Why? Because a world of selfish ambition leads to inhibition. We are only fulfilled when we learn to fill. In a time where depravity and depression are just millimeters away, joy is a choice. A choice not for the apathetic, but for the awake. All we need to do is open our eyes.”

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