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DIY: Domino Games

Dominoes are actually very versatile tools for learning. Here's how you can get smart with dominoes at home. All of these games can be modified with two dice, as well!

1. War

When working with inequalities or multiplication, this is a great game for students. Each player pulls a domino, without looking, from the box. They multiply the values on either side of their domino and whoever has the larger product gets both dominoes. The player with the most dominoes at the end of 10 rounds wins.

2. Addition, Subtraction, or Multiplication Practice

You can use dominoes like flash cards! Add both values, subtract them, or multiply them! Each correct answer gets to be stood up in a line to knock over at the end!

3. Domino Parking Lot

Print out or make a grid counting 1 through 12. Students will add both sides of the domino and drive it in to the numbered parking spot with the corresponding sum.

4. Fractions to Mixed Numbers

Pick a domino and place it vertically on a paper or white board. Have the student use the top number as a numerator and bottom number as a denominator. If the numerator is greater, have the student make it a mixed number!

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