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The Ultimate High School Bucket List

We all know that high school can be the best four years of life- if you make the best of it. Here's how to conquer all that your high school has to offer.

1. Attend a home game.

Whether it be football, soccer, tennis, or swim, show your spirit at a big game. The Friday night lights are a fun and safe way to hang out with friends and show school spirit.

2. Join a club.

Chances are your school has clubs that you don't even know about. Try Key Club for volunteer hours, an art club for self-expression, a debate club for discussion, or even theatre! Can't find a club that's right for you? Start one!

3. See a show.

If your school has a performing arts program, attend a show! It's a great thank you to the students that work for months on it. You might even be able to convince your English or History teacher to give you extra credit for going!

4. Take the SAT or ACT.

It can't all be fun and games, so get a review book, take some practice tests, and ace those exams. You'll need them for your college applications, so prepare to take them in junior and early senior year. Looking for an SAT study plan? Keep an eye out on the blog!

5. Go to a tutorial session.

Some teachers offer free after school tutorials to help you with your homework. Investing that time at school or maybe, at Momentum, is a great use of your time.

6. Attend a dance.

You don't need a date, or even fancy clothes. Just gather a few friends and head to Homecoming, you won't regret it.

7. Try out for a team/ Audition for a concert or show.

Put yourself out there and you will be amazed at your talent! A team is a good way to make friends and bond with your peers.

8. Apply for scholarships.

College is EXPENSIVE. Scholarships and grants are free money that you don't have to pay back! Cash in your hard work, good grades, and community service hours!

9. Learn a new language.

This is likely part of your graduation standards anyway, but dive into another culture! Learn about the celebrations, cuisine, and landmarks of another continent or country.

10. P-R-O-M

Okay, maybe this isn't until senior year, but don't miss Prom! If money is tight, try renting a dress/tux or buying one from a friend or secondhand shop. You can probably borrow one from a sibling or family friend as well.

11. Volunteer.

There's animal shelters, tutoring centers, food banks, and community centers that could all use a helping hand or two. Take a weekend, and do some good for your community. You'll feel great after.

12. Apply for FAFSA.

If you need financial aid for college, don't forget to fill out FAFSA forms! The applications usually open October 1st, and the money is first come first serve, so don't wait!

13. Apply for college.

Write those essays, get those recommendation letters, and start those applications early. Also, take your SAT/ACT/AP Exams and be sure to send your scores to your prospective schools on the College Board forms on the day of the test.

14. BONUS: Start thinking about majors!

So you don't have to pick right away, but do keep a running list of your interests- academic or otherwise- to find a career path that's right for you.

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