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DIY: Flash Card Games

Few young students can truly focus on a large stack of flash cards without some kind of interesting twist. Here, we've collected our favorite flash card games, adaptable for almost any subject!

1. Pathfinder

In pathfinder, the student makes a trail with their flashcards in some route or pattern on the floor. They stand with the flash card between their feet, and when they can define the word, they get to jump like leap frog to the next one! This one is especially beneficial to those little jitterbugs doing sight words!

2. Say it, Build it, Write it!

If you have letter tiles or even refrigerator magnets, you can play this game. Using sight word flash cards in a random order, the student must say the word, build the word with tiles or magnets, and then write the word on a paper or whiteboard. This one is less adaptable for other subjects, but is a favorite with my sight word kiddos.

3. Pick Up & Rip Up

This is for those students that need rewards! Spread half or all of the flash cards across a table. When the student can pronounce the word, define the word, give the formula, etc. they get to put it in a pile on the edge of the table. After a few rounds of the game, cards that are mastered may be ripped up! Celebrate card mastery! Jump, dance, and sing! Then begin another round!


Place cards in a 5x5 grid. Name off one side of the flash card. If the student can guess which card it is, they get to flip it over or place a marker on the card. Aim for bingo! If you have more than 25 cards, switch out mastered cards for newer ones. If you have fewer than 25 cards, try a 4x4 or 3x3 grid.

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