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9 Non-Academic Benefits of Tutoring

Tutoring can do wonders for children- aside from their report cards. We've compiled a list of the amazing benefits that we see our kids walk away with each session.

1. Confidence

The confidence to read, speak, and share with others is an extremely valuable skill. We see our students blossom all the time, sometimes after just a few minutes with their tutor. Public speaking and communication skills start to develop early, so why not take advantage and put those skills to practice now?

2. Growth Mindset

Sometimes a fixed mindset is the student's biggest problem. They don't believe that they have the power to succeed. Using specific phrasing and even just swapping negative words out for more positive ones while working, Momentum tutors take time to inspire students. Saying, "let's take a challenge" instead of, "this might be hard" can guide students toward growth.

3. Self-Control

We have definitely seen many types of behavior issues, and we've overcome plenty of them as well. Keeping focused on specific tasks with a tutor helps children find their self-control. Managing to wait instead of interrupting or sitting still instead of running around are just two of the many advantages that students can gain.

4. Focus

As our student Emily says, "Since there's not a lot of a distractions, and we use privacy boards sometimes, and that my tutor tells me to stay focused, I can stay focused more often than I normally would." The privacy boards she references are a tool that we use to limit distractions around students during our busy after-school hours.

5. Polite Interpersonal Skills

With tutors trained to be role models, our kids have a reminder of how polite manners look. We know that children are prone to parrot what they hear, and for that reason, all of our tutors are instructed to use only their most professional demeanor at all times.

6. Mentorship

A tutor at Momentum is so much more than just a tutor. Sometimes we are a teacher, sometimes like an older sibling, sometimes a trustworthy and loyal friend. Especially for middle school age students, the relationship with their tutor is vital to their behavior in sessions. All of our clients are carefully paired with a tutor that can best serve their needs, academically and personality-wise.

7. Self- Discipline

Knowing that their tutor will check their binder and their homework is often enough to motivate a student to take extra care with their work. Self-discipline will stay with them long after they move on from Momentum, and it can even keep their habits healthier and more productive.

8. Organization

I can't begin to explain you how many times students' grades haven't reflected their efforts solely because they lose their homework. With binder checks, tutors set the expectation that the student gets organized and stays that way. This habit will also stay with them for a life-time.

9. Healthy Self-Expression

Learning to work and communicate with their tutor guides students to find means of healthy self-expression such as drawing.

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