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GTS Leadership club at carlton hills

What is the Gifted - Talented - Strong Leadership Program?


Momentum Tutoring and Carlton Hills School have formed a Strength Based Youth Leadership Development Partnership to counterbalance the negative effects of social isolation caused by Covid-19. GIFTED * TALENTED * STRONG: GTS Leadership Club is a Strength Based Youth Leadership Development Program. This program challenges, guides, encourages, and coaches the students into “Discovering and Pursuing What’s Possible" for themselves. While it ultimately may make someone a better leader, that’s not the core emphasis. It’s about turning students on to hidden and undeveloped gifts and talents that can be turned into competencies and skills that will help them be successful at home, class, school, and in the community.


We will establish what’s possible with a Model that shows how your mind creates your behavior (from Destruct to Artistry), then coach and guide the process where participants use their own curiosity and creativity to come up with their projects. Each student in the program will be the discoverer and creator of his/her plan to achieve excellence. A constant focus on “I’m Possible” sets the bar high.


The core of the program will be based on interviews, surveys, and observations, combined with feedback from consultations, field projects, workshops, retreats and training sessions conducted over 36 years by Randall Phillips Kunkel, PhD the founder of Catalyst International, an organization providing research and training in human performance and achievement. In the book, The Illusion of Good Enough, Randall Phillips Kunkel PhD provides a blueprint for us to inspire students, have them challenge their current beliefs, expect more from themselves and make a greater contribution to others and to society.


Using The Illusion of Good Enough as our guide, Student Leaders @ Carlton Hills will learn about and experience the impact of: 1) Independent Thinking; 2) Inspirational People; 3) Developed Gifts; 4) Good Health.

Each catalyst works to build momentum, tap greater potential, and encourage a mindset of excellence.

Who can join?

  • Current 6th and 7th grade students going into 7th and 8th grade interested in:
    ○ Developing Leadership Skills
    ○ Carlton Hills ASB during the 2022-2023 school year
    ○ 12 participants: six 6th graders ; six 7th graders ( 3 of each gender/grade)
    ○ CRITERIA: 1) Students MOST LIKELY to regularly attend after school program

When and where will it take place?


● Carlton Hills School

●  Wednesdays

  • ●  2:00PM - 3:00PM (after intermediate dismissal)

why sign up for GTS?


●  Independent thinking skills are vital for youth to secure satisfying relationships, jobs and careers.

●  Exposing youth to inspirational people and encouraging them to be the inspiration, fosters

collaboration within the community, and facilitates feelings of belonging / mutual respect.

●  Mutual respect is the foundation of self-leadership and the leadership of others.

●  Carlton Hills ASB programs have been on hold due to the pandemic.

●  Youth encountered social isolation during the pandemic.

  • Youth encountered social isolation during distance learning.

  • It is a critical time to jump-start school leadership programs.

Interested in signing up? Sign up by clicking on the form below!

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