2020 Summer Programs

Momentum Tutoring's Summer Workshop Series!

Come join Momentum this summer! We will be offering academic workshops with a personalized curriculum designed to meet each individual student's needs. Our academic workshop will give students a head-start for the school year and provide fun, challenging activities for the summer! Browse our different workshops and programs below to learn more. Contact us today to enroll and to learn more about which of our summer programs would be perfect for your student!

We will be providing different workshops based on the students' age levels. A pre and post assessment will also be included to track progress! Below are the programs offered for each age group: 


Primary (K-2nd):

Reading: 9 a.m. start time

  • Phonological Awareness, Sight words, and Fluency!

Writing: 10 a.m. start time

  • Sentence Structure, Handwriting, and Sounding out words!

Math: 11 a.m. start time

  • Number Sense, Addition and Subtraction, and Money and Time!

Intermediate (3rd-5th):

*Pre-Workshop Care available Click Here

Reading: 12 p.m. start time

  • Vocabulary, Sight Evidence, Comprehension, Plot/Visualization/Compare and Contrast, and Fluency!

Writing: 1 p.m. start time

  • Paragraphs, Topic Sentence, Relevant Details, Conclusions, and Editing!

Math: 2 p.m. start time

  • Multiplication, Division, Fractions, and Word Problems!

Advanced (6th-12th):

Reading: 2 p.m. start time

  • Storyline, Timelines, Characters, Story Structure, Annotating, Themes, Vocabulary, Fluency, and Rubrics!

Writing: 3 p.m. start time

  • Formatting, Persuasive Writing, Informative Writing, and Narrative Writing!

Math: 4 p.m. start time

  • Pre-algebra/Algebra, Variables/Expressions, Graphing/Slope, and Order of Operations!

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  • ​Week 1: June 22 - 25th

  • Week 2: June 29 - July 2nd

  • Week 3: July 6 - 9th

  • Week 4: July 13 - 16th

  • Week 5: July 20 - 23rd

  • Week 6: July 27 - 30th​​

*Minimum of 2 weeks of enrollment.

*Workshops run from Monday - Thursday


Early Bird Registration Discounts

Priority Pricing of 10% off available through May 15th!




Momentum strides on helping students to build confidence in their reading ability. Our programs are designed to build on the basic foundation skills and develop comprehension of complex texts.


Momentum writing programs will focus on the basic writing skills in our progressive structure throughout the summer. Each program is designed to provide both review of concepts, as well as refining your student’s writing skills.


Momentum summer program strives to help students develop strong confidence in math concepts. Our math programs are based on pre-assessment results targeting your child’s specific skills and help to build fluency and understanding of the concepts.