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Pre-Workshop care Programs

Learn more about our Pre-Workshop Care Programs!

Come join Momentum this summer! Our pre-workshop care programs offer a more independent approach for our students. Students are able to work on various core subjects independently with a customized curriculum in order to be prepared for the next school year! We are also offering "Creators' Club" which will give students the opportunity to express themselves and experience fun, educational activities this summer. Read more about our programs below! Contact us today to learn more about our programs and to figure out which would be the perfect fit for your student this summer!

Community Catalyst Club:

Time: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Who: 3rd - 8th Graders!

*9th - 12th graders are encouraged to volunteer

Price: Call to learn more about pricing . . . there are Scholarships available

The Community Catalyst Club is designed to to support a small group of innovative students wanting to learn about Climate Action in Santee, California.

Each week is based on a different CLIMATE ACTION theme and the lessons incorporate S.T.E.A.M. activities, guest speakers, and field trips to provide students a holistic learning experience.

Students in the Community Catalyst Club will create portfolios based on what they are learning and doing each week. The portfolios will have work samples displaying science, technology, engineering, art, and math work done surrounding the theme during the week.



  • ​Week 1: June 22 - 25th

  • Week 2: June 29 - July 2nd

  • Week 3: July 6 - 9th

  • Week 4: July 13 - 16th

  • Week 5: July 20 - 23rd

  • Week 6: July 27 - 30th​​

*Minimum of 2 weeks of enrollment.

*Workshops run from Monday - Thursday

Weekly Activities:

1. Movement Matters

By partnering with Santee Parks and Recreation and providing lessons on the benefits of outdoor activity through research, exploration of local parks, and mapping of pedestrian and bike friendly trails, students will identify three places in their community where they can be active outdoors and demonstrate three outdoor activities that they most enjoy. 

2. Waste Matters

By collaborating with Waste Management and providing lessons on how to reduce environmental health hazards through guest speakers, field study, and research, students will identify three sources of toxic waste and demonstrate knowledge of three actions that reduce environmental health hazards. 

3. Water Matters

By teaming up with The San Diego River Foundation and providing lessons on watershed through guest speakers, field study, and experiments, students will identify the status of the local river ecosystem and demonstrate three ways to keep our water systems clean. 

4. Food Matters

By connecting with local farmers and grocery stores and providing lessons in creating a healthy and robust food system through guest speakers, field study, and research, students will create a menu of healthy food options and identify three local sources of organic food. 

5. Space Matters

By collaborating with Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve and Mission Trails Regional Park and by providing lessons in preserving Earth's natural beauty and bounty through guest speakers, field study, and research, students will identify three local conservation efforts currently happening in our community. 

6. Energy Matters

By partnering with Sullivan Solar Power and providing lessons on energy through guest speakers, experiments, and field study, students will compare and contrast three forms of non-renewable energy and three forms of renewable energy.

*Themes, partners and dates may be altered as necessary to enhance student experience. 

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